Members of the Bey Hive unite, and indeed, get in formation. You are about to witness something magical. We’ve all seen the secret home videos Queen Bey has already shown us – bey it at a concert or in some of her videos clips, but this, totally amazing footage, has never been seen before.

This video was from UK auction house Ted Owen & Co. We have no idea how they got their hands on the tape, but we are happy not to ask any questions.

Feast. Your. Eyes. On. This.

She’s already got so much sass – so much Sasha Fierce. This footage shows us that the Queen was obviously born to Run The World. This video is from Beyoncé’s time as the lead singer of the band Girls Tyme, who we heard an audio sample from in the beginning of Flawless.


We can’t get over this footage. Our young Queen with braces on, and dressed in only the best 90s fashion. Oh Bey, we bow down.

There were a whole collection of these videos going for about $5.1 MILLION in a closed auction. Maybe if we all pool our money together we could buy it and release it to the world? Who’s with me?!

Source: Uproxx
Photo: YouTube

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