If you’ ever found yourself walking the streets of a busy city, riding some form of public transportation, or you’ve perused the comments section on Instagram, you’ve probably been asked a time or two to “check out my mixtape.”

While the ask isn’t new, one up-and-coming rapper’s attempt to have his mixtape heard by posting stickers on random Amazon boxes is definitely a first when it comes to independent artist promo.

In a recently surfaced video, an unidentified rapper is shown taking personal promotion to another level as he uses his 9-5 job at Amazon to promote his mixtape seemingly titled Soul Searching.

“Yes, sir. Real deal promotion. We ain’t done yet. We gon’ tap back in in a minute,” he tells the camera in the first half of the video as he posts stickers on Amazon boxes that are being prepared to ship out.

The clip then transitions to the rapper putting more stickers on boxes at a later time. “F**k it. They might fire me for this,” he says before explaining his goal of putting his stickers on thousands of Amazon boxes. “They touch 60,000 packages a day so I need to at least be on 20,000,” he explained. “Who promotion better than this?’

Check out the video below!


Article: Peyton Blakemore

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