A man has been filmed trying to belittle a bus driver in Canada and even tries to brag about the suit he is wearing.

In a 4-minute video posted to Facebook, the man walks onto the bus while arguing with the driver about a cigarette he had been smoking.

He says ”My $2,600 [Armani] suit is worth more than you make in six months” the man yells at the driver, before adding “you need to go back to your country.”

Continuing on, he says ”I’m wearing a f—king Armani and the guy’s treating me like I’m a, something else.”

Before adding ”“I own three condos, one over here, sir.”

The man then tells the bus driver ”You understand who he works for.”

“You work for me. Understand that I am a customer,”


Throughout the exchange, which happened in the town of Whistler, the bus driver remains calm, occasionally interjecting with a ”sir” before being interrupting.

BC Transit, the operator, have said that the driver handled the situation very professionally and reported it to Whistler Transport Operations after it happened.

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