Radio stitch up goes horribly wrong after contestant thinks He’s actually won $5 million!

It’s a stitch up within a stitch up, and you won’t believe the drama that unfolded

Radio stitch ups have been happening since the dawn of time, but this one has to be up there with the best in history. Why? Because it was a stitch up within a stitch up. A prank within a prank. A twist within a twist.

Will & Woody are no strangers to tomfoolery, however the common theme is that Woody is always the one getting stitched up. But, dear friends, let us pose you a question: what is the sweetest taste in the world? Revenge, that’s right. And the time was nigh for Woody to drink from the golden cup of vengeance, and boy oh boy did he pull out all the stops.

The Will & Woody Show are currently giving listeners the opportunity to win a whopping $5million – the biggest prize in radio history. Despite the fact the competition is still running, the idea was to tell a listener they’d won the 5 mill, only to show up to their house with 5 millilitres of water, instead of 5 million dollars. And so when Will knocked on the door of the winner’s house and presented him with the 5 millilitres, things got very hairy very quickly!

Watch the video to see the manic drama that took place on the streets.

Be sure to catch Will & Woody live from 4-6pm weekdays, because they’re actually giving listeners the chance to win $5 million, for real this time!


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