There’s always a moment during a wedding reception or relative’s 50th birthday party where the ‘older’ guests congregate on the dance floor after a few too many wines.

Admit it – you can see their awkwardly-confident moves right now as they make their way around the room bopping along to Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘The Horses’. 

Well, what if we said that Channel 7’s Melbourne Cup Commentary Team did just that – only this time, it was to Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’. 

Sports reporter Rachael Finch uploaded footage of the legendary Bruce McAvaney rehearsing a dance to the classic 2001 Daft Punk hit.

Jase & PJ couldn’t resist asking the TV host to explain more about the video. Finch responded in the same way we would have… by mimicking Bruce McAvaney’s “dad moves”.


However, Rachael Finch remains proud of the video, urging people to “check it out.” 

The clip has subsequently gone viral after being re-posted on various satire accounts, such as Brown Cardigan who captioned it: “It doesn’t get anymore #FFFFFF [white] than this.”

Not going to lie, we’ve already learnt the moves, and we’re not even ashamed. 

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