This is one of the last things you would expect to see while going on a stroll with your young family…

Queen Elizabeth decided to take her car out for a spin to go to church yesterday, while staying at Windsor Castle. 

Taking a shortcut through Windsor Great Park, the Queen took the 2.6 mile Long Walk through the middle of the park… a road that only park rangers and HRH herself are allowed to use. 

So it’s no surprise that Scarlett Vincent,23, and Toby Core, 30, did not think they had to keep an eye out for motor vehicles and give way on their walk. 

With the young family taking up the majority of the road, the Queen improvised in her Jaguar X-Type… veering onto the grass to get past the pedestrians. 


On realising who was overtaking them, the young family were highly amused. 

“We did not realise she was staying at Windsor Castle that weekend so were so surprised when it happened,” Miss Vincent told

“We didn’t actually have time to get out of the way as we were in a world of our own so she had to swerve around us,”

The Queen does not require a licence to drive, even at 89 years of age. 


Let’s hope she got to church on time! 

Image: Getty Images

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