Kyle has been talking recently about how excited he is for his grandmother to receive a letter from the queen when she turns 100-years-old, but sadly he received the news early this morning that Cybil Sandilands had passed away aged 99.

“My grandmother died, 3am this morning,” said Kyle this morning during the show opener. “No letter! Queen Elizabeth was poised to sign the letter and now, no letter…less than a year off.”

Of course, Cybil was an absolute trooper to make it to 99, but Kyle explained that it was quite strange timing as he had only just been talking to his brother Chris about going to visit her.

“I was only thinking of her on the weekend cause she’s so old, 99, thought I’d better go and see her,” explained Kyle. “I spoke to my brother and he was like ‘oh it’s so hard to travel at the moment’…So I thought we’ll go up in a couple months. Nope, now dead.”

But luckily, our resident psychic Georgina Walker had been sitting in the phone room waiting to come on next for her segment and she was actually able to connect with Cybil, just hours after she had passed. And she was able to give Kyle some reassurance that his grandmother was doing fine.


“I was sitting out there and doing just a deep meditation thought and there was two things that she brought to me,” explained GG. “One was a crystal glass and she said she can see and hear things crystal clear now.

“And the other one was a tac, like a tac that you get in your shoe or you put on the wall and there’s an incident about either somebody walking on a tac or getting a tac in their foot.”

Kyle was left shocked as this reading brought up a clear memory for him with his grandmother from his childhood. Find out exactly what it was in the video above!

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