Poor Jackie! We thought we had cleared this one up for her yesterday but it turns out that Jackie had to speak out AGAIN this morning, letting people know that she is not, we repeat she is NOT the infamous Paddington poo jogger.

In case you somehow missed it, Roxy Jacenko released CCTV footage on Instagram earlier this week after a female jogger was spotted defecating outside her Sweaty Betty PR business in Paddington.

While Roxy asked for help finding out who the culprit was, she later deleted the footage, telling Kyle and Jackie O yesterday that she had to delete it because so many people thought it was Jackie!

“Well the only reason I took the videos down is because everyone kept saying it’s Jackie O and I thought oh good grief, I better take it down for her,” Roxy told us this yesterday.

“I can confirm it’s not,” Jackie said at the time.

But that didn’t stop the headlines from flowing, speculating that it could be our very own Jackie O. Jackie read some of them out on air this morning.

“All these articles came out yesterday where somehow I was the poo jogger,” Jackie said this morning. “And I’m going to read you some of the article headlines.


“So this one’s on Daily Mail: ‘Revealed The Bizarre Rumour Jackie O Is Roxy Jacenko’s Mystery Poo Jogger As The PR Queen Responds To The Conspiracy Theory By Deleting Footage Of The Incident From Instagram’.

“This one was on Seven News: ‘Roxy Jacenko Deletes Poo Jogger Video After Claims Jackie O Was Behind The Act’.

“Who Magazine: ‘Roxy Jacenko Deletes Poo Jogger Video After Fans Claim Jackie O Was Behind The Act’.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Roxy appeared on The Project last night to chat about the incident when she kind of implicated Jackie once again.

“I don’t want to put the person in a position of, you know, people are throwing around names on social media, one of them was Jackie O,” Roxy had said.

“Can we just clarify you’re not saying it’s Jackie O?” asked Waleed.


“One of them was Jackie O. I was like ‘my goodness this is terrible’,” laughed Roxy, without clarifying that it WASN’T!

And so Jackie decide to clarify things for herself this morning.

“Well can I confirm it myself then?” Jackie asked. “I am not the poo jogger. Okay? Its not me!

“It’s some other girl. She’s way skinnier than me by the way,” she added in defence.

Roxy must have been listening in because she promptly sent her friend Jackie a text.

“She’s just texted me. She said, ‘Don’t worry, I know you’re not the poopinator’,” Jackie read out.


Well let’s leave it at that people and actually put our sleuthing skills to finding out who the real culprit is!