Christmas is the time of year where social events are never-ending, food is consumed in copious amounts and the bubbles are flowing. 

And while we’ve heard of a mimosa in the morning, this is the first time we’ve ever considered Prosecco for breakfast. 

But apparently ALDI in the UK had other ideas. 

The UK chain store have created Prosecco tea bags – how English. 

But before you run to stock up on this newest tea-drinking fad, there are (in our opinion) some downsides. 

Firstly, the prosecco teabags are non-alcoholic. 


So sadly, cozying up with a prosecco tea in winter to get a buzz isn’t a reality unless you add your own alcohol.

Also the blend is caffeine free.

But none-the-less you can drink your prosecco tea and feel classy and festive…

It’s got to be more of an occasion than drinking english breakfast, surely! 

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