A thread on Twitter is going fkn ballistic debunking a heap of drake lyrics that look like they’re about kim kardashian

Twitter user @tmorrison24 says ‘Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening – a thread’

He follows his claims with some pretty damning evidence that the FBI is fully jealous of. Some proper detective work has gone into this.

“I started listening to Scorpion and put it on shuffle. In My Feelings is the first song that comes on. Ever wonder who Kiki is exactly?”

As we all know, Kim’s nickname for ages has been ‘Keeks’ or… ‘Kiki’

The Kardashians call her that all the time


She even named one of her KKW Beauty lipsticks, ‘Kiki’

If you’re not convinced there’s smthn going on, brace your damn selves for this

Drake and Kim Kardashian both live in Hidden Hills in Los Angeles, California. But they’re out here living so close that Drake’s decided to pop it in his song


What’s aboutta blow your mind though, is this lyric from Drake’s verse in Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’

If you follow the exact directions that Drake gives in his verse, it takes you to Kim’s house

This is literally the most intense theory going around now and not gonna be surprised if it blows the fk up and Kanye goes on a mega Twitter rant

Stay tuned

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