Burglars and thieves have shared some of their top tips on how to successfully break into a home – so take note if you’d like to know how to keep your place safer.

A thread on Reddit saw self-described burglars discuss their own tactics, as well as scoffing at well-known tricks people use to keep thieves out, like leaving lights on and having a big, aggressive dog.

So here are some top tips that should help you – a look into the mind of the burglar and how they get you…

  • Don’t post on Facebook or social media that you’re away from home and how long you’ll be gone for, and don’t post holiday photos until you get back.
  • Put a nail through the window to seal it – otherwise it’s quite easily opened with a screwdriver.
  • You’ll make it more obvious that you’re away if you use the standard tricks (lots of lights on, loud TV in the middle of the night).
  • Don’t keep small valuables about – put them in a safe.
  • Lock your dead bolts!
  • Some cab drivers are in business with burglars and let them know when a house is empty – so get the taxi to pick you up near your house, not at it.
  • If you’ve got webcams or other cameras in your house, make them visible to deter the burglar – because they’ll know they will be caught on film.
  • Try not to have stools or other chairs in the backyard, as these make climbing through windows easier.
  • Motion detecting lights will scare off some burglars.
  • Keep expensive items out of sight, especially from the street.
  • Make friends with your neighbours so they know who should be at your place, and be able to spot strangers.
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