Prince William is notoriously private, but he has recently opened up about how he is finding life.

The Royal has sparked outrage online after he confessed to having ‘struggled’ with parenthood.

On a recent visit to Vietnam, the prince spoke about how he adjusted from bachelorhood to life as a parent.

‘There’s wonderful highs and wonderful lows. It’s been quite a change for me,’ William confessed.  

‘I’m very lucky in the support I have from Catherine, she’s an amazing mother and a fantastic wife.

‘But I’ve struggled at times. The alteration from being an independent single man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing’.

However, his comments have not gone down well with the general public who said ‘‘What’s the “struggle with parenthood” when you live in a very, very nice house, have the staff to do your housework and a nanny to look after the kids and a grandma who lives in an even bigger house?


  ‘Living in one room in emergency accommodation, gong to the food bank to feed the kids, waiting for days to see a doctor if they are sick. Wondering if you can buy fuel or clothes.  ”

‘Now – that’s a struggle with parenthood. !!!!!’

Twitter users have also blasted the prince with one saying ‘he has no idea what it means to ‘struggle’ in life.’’

However, others have sided with the Prince saying ‘‘Feeling sorry for Prince William right now. “Everybody struggles with life. He is human. I think it showed a humbleness that is refreshing,’

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