Like your car rego, web addresses need renewing, and the Prime Minister is learning the hard way to remember to do it.

Scott Morrison’s ownership over his personal web address – – lapsed on Thursday night and a Melbourne prankster, Jack Genesin wasted no time in taking it over.

“So, the PM forgot to renew his website and it expired today … Most fun I’ve had with $50 in a long time,” Jack Genesin wrote on Facebook.

Instead of listing information about the PM and his policies, the page plays now plays a song about cheating called Scotty Doesn’t Know by US band, Lustra.

The song was written for the 2004 teen movie EuroTrip.

The opening line is: “Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday.”


At the time of publish, the site was still active.

Good times. 

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