This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with their good friend Jaassoooonn Deruloooo!

You really just can’t help but sing that name! But it looks like that’s not all we’ll be singing along too soon…

Jason, who has sold over 190 Million singles in his time and counting, is about to drop new music and we honestly can’t wait to boogie to some new Derulo hits!

Kyle and Jackie were chatting to Jason about what he’s been getting up to while in self-isolation over in the US, when he confirmed that along with cooking and working on his TikTok videos, he’s been writing new music!

“Are you working on new music while you’re in isolation?” Kyle asked.


“No I’m working on new music as well,” Jason told us. YESS!!

He told us that he’s just recently been released from a music deal that didn’t work out due to creative differences, and so he’s got free reign to create what he wants to now.

“I was spending a lot of time trying to get out of that deal and now I’m finally free,” Jason continued. “So I’m looking for the proper home but in the process I’ve been making some music that I’m super excited about.”

And when can we expect to hear this new music? Looks like we won’t be waiting too long!


“Within the next couple of months I’ll be prepared for my big release,” he revealed.

So exciting! Jason also spoke about how he’s been coping staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic and he told us that it’s been really eye opening and kind of strange.

“It’s been very eye opening,” he told us. “I spend a lot of time on the road, a lot of time going to see the fans across the world, and I don’t spend anytime at home at all.

“I’ve spent a lot of time building this house I have over here and I’ve never really ever enjoyed it… Last year I was only home for sixty days out of the entire year. So this time has been eye opening just to let myself know I gotta spend time at home too.”

That’s definitely a positive way to look at it! Enjoy it while you can Jason.

You can listen to our full chat with Jason Derulo in the podcast below! As for us, we’ll be busy listening to old Jason Derulo songs all day in preparation for his new tunes!


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