A pregnant mother sucked snake venom from her son’s foot after he was bitten by a rattle snake in California.

Jaclyn Caramazza, who is nine months pregnant, was walking home from a bike trail with her four-year-old son, Vinny, when he stepped on something brown.

Mrs Caramazza leapt into action as her son’s ankle began to swell and turn purple, sucking the venom from his foot.

“Mama Bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom because that’s what Bonanza does,” she told Fox40 in the US.

They rushed to the closest hospital and Vinny is recovering well.

Luckily for Mrs Caramazza the venom didn’t spread to her or her unborn son, but she put herself at great risk by doing it.


Experts said people should never try to suck the venom out of a bite, but to use basic first aid procedures and contact emergency services immediately.

Photos: Fox40

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