At eight months pregnant, Carrie Bickmore looks absolutely stunning in her photoshoot with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

The Project host has shown off her baby bump telling the magazine the morning sickness she experienced early on was like nothing else.

“It was tough going the first four months. I thought I’d had morning sickness last time and I realise that I had nothing compared to the sickness this time. It was all day, all night, it was brutal,” she said.

“It was pretty hard to keep working but every friend I spoke to or aunties: ‘I had that, too’ and I just kept thinking, everyone else can get on with it so I’m sure I can get on with it, too.”

And how did her 7 year old son Ollie take the news of his soon-to-be brother/sister?

“He’s super excited. He spends all day long kissing and hugging and touching my stomach,” she said.

“He said to me the other day, ‘What are we going to do with the bumps up there?’ and I said, ‘You’ll have the actual brother or sister to cuddle.'”


The full interview and photos will feature in the March issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly.

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