Miuccia Prada has taken aim at the very clientele her fashion house markets to, by telling well-to-do women to get on with life, forget about wrinkles and get a job.

The fashion world doyenne said women who depend on their partner for an income and a lifestyle cannot be happy.

“If you don’t work, if you depend on a man for your bread, how can you be happy?,” she told the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

“If you are young and blonde, maybe he will love an older one with black hair.

“So just live your life. This is so obvious.”

Prada is talking from experience, admitting that in her 30s she was obsessed about how she would age.

Three decades on, however, she said she worried too much and believes women who don’t work have too much time to look in the mirror.


“I had this problem worrying about looking old when I was 33 and thank God I got over it and it never came back,” the 66-year-old said.

“And in any case, if we work, who cares?

“If you don’t work, of course you think about the problem of your wrinkles from morning until night. If you work, you have something better to think about.

“That is the beginning of every possible kind of pride, and with those women (who don’t work) I really have no conversation.”


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