A new trend at the moment is famous singers taking their hit songs and turning them into parodies all about the coronavirus outbreak.

But sit down everyone, because noughties pop singer Anastacia just released her own and we’re already dubbing it the best one ever!

During her time of self-isolation, Anastacia has taken her iconic pop song ‘I’m Outta Love’ and replaced the lyrics to create a song about running out of essential items during this time.

She’s aptly titled the new track, ‘I’m Outta Dove’, referring to the soap brand that she obviously uses to clean herself with.

Now, not only are the lyrics genius, but Anastacia filmed herself singing the new track and posted it to her social media accounts, and DAMN she’s still got that iconic voice we all know and love.


Here’s the new lyrics:

“I’m Outta Dove, I can’t get clean, I’m at home in quarantine/ Could be 3 days, god forbid a month/ And my nose can’t handle me/ I’m out Dove, can’t get clean, I’m at home in quarantine/ I’m out Dove.”

See, genius. And don’t lie, you totally just sang that to the tune in your head didn’t you? No doubt you even dragged out that last Dove to be more like “Dooooovvvveeeee”.

Okay we’ll stop… But seriously we’ll be listening to this for the rest of the day to get us through another day at home.