The wildly popular reality mobile game Pokemon Go has crashed because of high demand and Australian users aren’t happy.

The game has only been released in the US, Australia and New Zealand and some local players have accused UK residents of clogging up the system by trying to bypass regional servers to access the game Down Under.

“People in the UK need to stop playing and adding to the server problems,” a user posted on on Tuesday.

While it’s not confirmed if that is the case, the Aussie outages website was on Tuesday carrying numerous messages from frustrated users reporting server and log-in problems

“Having no service for Pokemon go is stressing me out,” @EzmaeS said.

“This will be an uneventful tram ride,” @TransitDork said.

“My Pokemon Go app isn’t working and I’m not happy about it,” @hayfarrer added.


Reports peaked at 489 around 9am, after the issue was first noticed at 7.43am.

Attempts to log-in to the app prompted a message from developer Niantic Labs saying its servers were “experiencing issues”.

Pokemon Go is proving to be “enormously” popular since Niantic opened access on July 6 in the US.

“Niantic Labs has actually paused their global roll-out due to overwhelming demand placed on their servers,” according to business news group Forbes.

“On average, users are spending twice the amount of time engaged with Pokemon Go than they are on apps like Snapchat.”

Pokemon Go requires users to create an avatar, or online persona, that changes location as the user does in the real world.


The object is to earn points and win virtual lollies and stardust by capturing so-called “wild” Pokemon characters that appear at random as the user moves about.

But it doesn’t always work out, as one user noted: “That moment when @pokemon go app crashes while you’re trying to evolve a Pokemon, so it doesn’t work but takes your candy away…”


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