In case you hadn’t noticed yet, Will & Woody love stitching each other up. 

So here’s the story. Will & Woody were at a fancy ball recently, when they bumped into Woody’s idol and hero – Beau Waters – the champion footballer of West Coast Eagles fame. It was a childhood dream come true for Woods, and he was giddy as a school girl. And even better, him and Beau got along like a house on fire. Will, being a good mate, took the opportunity to snap a photo of Woody and his idol. And boy oh boy, it was a Kodak moment. They were hugging each other in a bromantic embrace, huge smiles across their faces. One for the pool room indeed.

However, Will decided to change tact, and his beautiful act of mateship was suddenly flipped to become a beautiful act of stitch-uppery. See below the photo puzzle that Woody must unlock, by completing a series of outrageous challenges. Or as we’re now calling it, a series of Beau Jobs.

So off they went to Sydney Sea Life Aquarium for Woody’s first Beau Job: A game of charades in the shark tank. Watch above to see what happened! 

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