If you are getting ready for a spring clean, then it’s probably best you don’t throw the following things out.

You may find some things that you haven’t seen in years hiding in a closet somewhere and think they are worth nothing but actually.. they could be worth a small fortune.

Firstly, don’t throw out those Pokemon cards.

According to reports, if you have a set of Pokemon cards, they could fetch $6,600 PER CARD. Imagine that.

Then, there’s always those books you see at the local markets, or can even be picked off communal shelves for nothing.

Well, check them out too.. if they are first editions, they could be worth up to $46,0000! One copy of ‘Sense and Sensibility’ went just for that!


Even Furby’s can bring in mega bucks, with an original now selling for $660 apiece.

Don’t throw out your old camera, Disney VHS tapes or Game Boys either.. the are all worth well over $200!

So be careful when cleaning!

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