Pink is showing her support for the Norwegian Women’s Handball Team after they defied a “very sexist” rule about their uniforms.

In case you missed the drama, the team was fined after they refused to play in bikini bottoms during the recent Euro 2021 tournament.

The athletes opted for thigh-length elastic shorts instead and, as result, are being forced to pay a $1,700 fine.

The women’s protest unsurprisingly made headlines all over the world.

Once Pink caught wind of the situation, she took to Twitter to praise the team for their actions.

“I’m VERY proud of the Norwegian female beach handball team FOR PROTESTING THE VERY SEXIST RULES ABOUT THEIR ‘uniform,'” she wrote in an impassioned Tweet. “The European handball federation SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good on ya, ladies.”

Not only did Pink praise the women for standing up for what they believe is right, but she also offered to pay the fine for them, as well. “I’ll be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up,” she concluded.


Though the team has not yet directly replied to Pink, they did share a message of thanks for the outpouring of support they received on their Instagram account following the tournament’s conclusion.

“We are also very proud about making a statement in the bronze final by playing in shorts instead of required bikini bottoms! We are overwhelmed by the attention and support from all over the world!” the statement reads.

“Thank you so much to all the people who support us and help spread the message! We really hope this will result in a change of this nonsense rule!”



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