Are you sitting down? Because you’re going to need to brace yourself. Mrs. Doubtfire is 25 years old. No, we’re not exaggerating… you’re simply that old.

If you’re like us, then you’ve probably wondered what the iconic kids from the movie are doing nowadays. Oh, and we’ve got news for you!

Natalie (Mara Wilson), Lydia (Lisa Jakub) and Christopher Hillard (Matthew Lawrence), have reunited with their ‘stepdad’ Stu (Pierce Brosnan) and the results are priceless!

Lisa Jakub, who played Robin Williams’ oldest daughter in the film, posted a picture of the iconic 25-year anniversary with the caption: “So this just happened… #mrsdoubtfire #reunion #25yearslater”. 

Mrs. Doubtfire starred late actor Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard, a recently divorced dad who dresses up as an elderly female nanny to see his children (played by Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson). Sally Field played Daniel’s ex-wife, Miranda Hillard, who starts dating Stu (played by Pierce Brosnan). 

Brosnan shared a picture from the heartwarming reunion with the caption: 


“Guess who? Today, after 25 years, I gathered around a table in the company of three beautiful young people, to talk story about a film that has touched the hearts of so many. Sally is on tour with her new book. Robin is in heaven making the angels laugh and was spoken of with the fondest of love and and sweet memories.”

I’m not crying, YOU ARE!

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Seriously, grab another pack of tissues because you’re going to need ’em. 


Brosnan and Jakub both shared a video of the three kids reenacting a family photo, and uh, we simply cannot compose ourselves right now. 

This isn’t the first time Pierce Brosnan has reminisced about the iconic 1993 movie. In August 2017, he shared a picture of himself and Robin Williams on the movie’s set where he paid tribute to the late actor. 

“I remember this day like it was yesterday,” he wrote. “Robin nailed it on the second take. I am so proud to have been part of that movie and to have known the great Robin Williams.”


So, who’s up for a Mrs. Doubtfire binge session tonight? Count us in!

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