When you look at Liz Hurley, you probably don’t think ‘rule breaker’.

However, when it comes to her son, 14-year-old Damian, it seems like there isn’t much she wouldn’t do.

Photos have emerged from the pair at a recent society bash, and people were perplexed by the images that showed up in OK! Magazine afterwards.

A dapper-looking Damian appeared to have been drinking champagne at the bash, despite being just 14-years-old, but the fact was crudely covered up by the mag, after they photoshopped the champagne flute from his hand in several shots.

Yep, while his 51-year-old mum clutches a champagne glass, Damian seems to be grasping thin air.

One shot in particular raised eyebrows, after it seemed they got rid of the champagne glass, they replaced it with a half eaten bread roll, in NOT a very good photoshop job.


The trickery did not fool everyone. One Twitter user wrote: ‘My cat could’ve Photoshopped the drink out of his hand better than that,’ according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Hello! magazine declined to comment last night, and Miss Hurley was unavailable.

It is not illegal for a 14-year-old to consume alcohol at a private event such as a wedding, although it is against official medical advice.

Source: Daily Mail

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