“I can’t breathe, oh my god!” – See the pics that left Pia breathless!

Will & Woody always love having fun with their guests, and they’re certainly not ashamed to strip their clothes off if it means getting a laugh or two.

So when the ever-gorgeous and Insta-famous Pia Miller joined the show, they sensed an opportunity to have a bit of a giggle. For quite some time, the boys have been trying desperately to boost their Insta-fame, so why not take some inspo from one of Australia’s most Insta-famous women – Pia Miller! Their idea was to re-enact some of her sexiest Instagram snaps. When they showed her the photos on air, she couldn’t believe it! “I’m at a loss boys… it is SO funny!”.

Head to Will & Woody on Instagram to see the post, and be sure to chuck the boys a like and a follow, cos ya know, sex sells ‘n all.

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