You might remember Rachael Arahills from the premiere of Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor from the fact that she arrived to the red carpet in a freaking wedding dress of all things.

Or you may remember her as the savage, new Bachie villain who clearly isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

But despite all of these things, it’s really hard not to think of her as the girl with the lips. As in the girl who clearly has some pretty intense lip fillers going on!

But during out annual Insta stalk of the fabulous cast of Bachelorettes on this season, we came across some pics of Rachael BEFORE she underwent her cosmetic enhancements.

And she honestly looks like a completely different person!

This is what Rach looks like now on The Bachelor as a 23-year-old, in case you need a refresher:


And this is what she looked like back in early 2017 pre fillers at the ripe age of 21:

Judging by her other pics, the fillers first came into affect later that year and since then her lips have practically doubled in size!

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Doing life

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If you ask us, we don’t think she needed them! Girl looks so nice au naturel. Looks like another example of the Kylie Jenner affect taking it’s place…

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