The mass cull of staff members that Nine and their breakfast program The Today Show had at the end of last year truly was a shocking moment in TV history for Aussie viewers.

It saw Peter Stefanovic, along with his brother Karl Stefanovic and wife Sylvia Jeffreys let go from the program following a year of scandal, including that infamous Uber Gate incident involving a leaked phone call between both Pete and Karl.

About six months on from the shock firing of some of the programs biggest talents, Peter has moved on with a new breakfast role as co-host on Sky News’ First Edition.

Having had time to process and move on from being let go from Nine, it appears that Peter is now able to somewhat joke and laugh about the whole thing.

He opened up about the incident while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O and he likened the mass cull to a pretty brutal TV show. And TBH it’s pretty accurate!


“I still to this day, think that it’s terrible that they wiped out the entire news team on The Today Show because of you,” Kyle joked this morning, referencing the Uber Gate incident.

“Well you’re probably right,” Peter laughed.

“You must have copped some sh*t,” Kyle continued. “Your brother went. Your wife went. You went after 15-years of your life.”

“Richard Wilkins went,” Jackie added to the list. “Everyone went. It was so awful.”

Peter told us that the best description he had heard about the mass cull was a comparison to a scene from Game Of Thrones.

“Someone likened it to the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones,” he told us. “And it was probably pretty close to it.”


Of course Game Of Thrones fanatics would know that the Red Wedding was a pretty traumatic scene in season 3 that basically saw a whole bunch of characters, including Robb Stark and his pregnant wife Talisa, slaughtered by Walder Frey. Hence RED wedding…

“Yes! That’s what it was like for TV,” Jackie exclaimed.

She then on cue, being the big Game Of Thrones fan that she is, picked up a bell and started ringing it, shouting, “SHAME!”.

“Oh don’t worry I felt all that shame,” Peter said with a laugh. “So thanks for that.”

Hear more from our chat with Peter Stefanovic in the video above.

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