Perrie and Luke, sittin’ in a tree!

It’s pretty fair to say that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik’s split was far from amicable, but the stunningly gorgeous Little Mix singer has been the absolute definition of composed and dignified over the last 12 months

While Zayn made a bee-line for a bevvy of new girls – although he has just moved in with current girlfriend Gigi Hadid – Perrie flew under the radar, even telling Notion magazine in March that she was happy on her own.

I don’t think a woman should ever feel the need for a man,” she said. “I always say I like my own company – to the point where that person would have to compete!”

Well looks like someone has been doing some Olympic-level competing, because Perrie has been spotted with a brand new hottie and he. is. gorgeous.

The Picture Journal…

A photo posted by Luke Pasqualino (@lucapasqualino) on


Luke Pasqualino, a fellow Brit, was spotted with Perrie at a West End showing of Aladdin, before the two hit London’s celeb-packed nightclub, Mahiki, for an afterparty.

A source told The Sun: “It was their first date, but things are going well. They met on a night out and really hit if off.”

Ready for the kicker though? In an interview from way back in the archives – 2012, to be exact – Zayn told The Hot Hits that if anyone was to play him in a movie about his life it would be… Luke Pasqualino.

“I always say the same person, but I always forget his name,” Zayn said. “I know his name’s Luke… He was in the British Skins; he plays Freddie.”

Oh Perrie. You keep doing you, girl. 

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