We all know that cane toads are an introduced pest that have wrecked havoc on Aussie wildlife.

And now an initiative is underway in Western Australia where residents in the north of the state are being asked to collect as many cane toads as possible so they can be minced and turned into ‘toad sausages’

Now, before you do a little vomie in your throat, no, these snags are NOT for human consumption!

It’s actually part of a plan to help native endangered animals avoid eating the toads, which can often result in death due to the poison found on the ugly little critters back.

It’s hoped that by eating the sausages (with the poison obviously removed) it will make animals including goannas, quolls and even crocodiles vomit, making them think twice about chomping on a real life toad should one come hopping their way in the future.

WA Parks and Wildlife are literally laying out lines of sausages across the Kimberley as part of the program, which also includes the pretty revolting process of actually making the toad snags!

So, if you have a weak stomach, this video showing the sausages being made may not be for you!



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