The boys from Peking Duk, Adam and Reuben, are known for being the musicians behind some of our favourite songs including ‘Wasted’ and ‘Fire’ but recently they’ve been dabbling in some different career ventures.

Not only have they opened up their own bar in Melbourne called ‘Time Out’ but they’ve also written their own Children’s book and it actually sounds incredible.

Peking Duk Have Written A Children’s Book Called DJ Duks

Titled ‘DJ Duks’ the picture book delves into the world of fame, fortune and the issues that can arise from the use of social media.

The story follows two ducks, Adam and Roobs in their search of fame in the music industry and it has a really good message about the use of social media today and how it can affect mental health.


Along the way they gain millions of followers on social media (called Quakker), party with celebrities and enjoy all the luxuries that fortune can bring, but soon they realise that being famous is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Kyle and Jackie O were the first people ever to get a copy of the new book this morning as Adam and Reuben joined them in studio to chat about it.

“It’s a sweet little story about, it’s sort of just saying social media isn’t the be all and end all,” explained Adam.

“There’s a lot of kids out there at the moment that are down when they see all these images of people living their best life on Instagram but it’s not actually real.

“A lot of teenagers especially are getting depressed looking at Instagram and that’s not the way it should be. But we’re just trying to do our bit.”

During their journey, the two ducks me across various characters, including the flamingo twins who represent influencers on Instagram with millions of followers who always have that perfect gram.


They also work with people in the music biz at a record label who are represented by a snake and a hog in the book. Hmm we wonder what the hidden message is there…

“It is all love, we just thought we’d make it a bit funny,” clarified Adam.

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While the book ‘DJ Duks’ is only available for pre order currently at, the boys are already thinking about turning it into an animated series for kids.

“Do you think this could go into a television, like an animated TV series?” asked Kyle.


“We were talking about that! We’ve got some pretty wacky voices that we can do for some of the characters,” said Adam.

“That would be sick!” added Reuben.

Well if the boys do end up taking this to the screen Kyle and Jackie both want in. Find out which characters they want to play in the video above!

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