Peking Duk were so stoked to be part of the Fire Fight concert in Sydney over the weekend.

Not only were they so excited to play in front of their biggest live crowd ever, help raise important funds for bushfire relief, and of course play amongst some of the most incredible artists in the music biz.

Including one particular iconic Aussie female…

Adam and Reuben both joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning when they spoke about how “overwhelming” the whole experience was and how they were left absolutely star-struck by one person in particular.

“It was incredible,” Adam told us.

“It was wild. Do you know what’s crazy? I don’t remember it happening, I just remember all the lead up and everything that happened afterwards, but that time on stage was so overwhelming that I don’t actually remember any single part of it,” Reuben added.


“Definitely the biggest single crowd we’ve played to.”

“It was sick to see that many people get there for such a good cause. It was just a good vibe,” Adam added.

Kyle wanted to know whether the boys ran into any of the other artists playing the event backstage when the boys revealed they actually got to meet the one and only Olivia Newtown-John.

And they were star struck to say the least!


“We got approached by her!” Reuben explained.

“Yeah Olivia came up to me and she was like, ‘That set was really amazing’ and I was like, I did a double take because I didn’t [straight away] realise it was Olivia,” Adam revealed.

“It was in passing and then I kind of turned around and I was like, ‘Hey come back here! I’ve got to say we’re the biggest fans ever’. Like, grew up on Grease obviously and yeah, she was very sweet.”

Um, jealous! It’s like our dream to meet Sandy let alone get a compliment from her!


The boys also got to meet Alice Cooper backstage at the star-studded event which they said was pretty surreal.

Hear more about Peking Duk’s Fire Fight experience in the podcast below!

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