When you hear the name Paul Feig no doubt you automatically think about the tons of hilarious films that this guy has brought to life!

Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy heck even the American version of the series The Office! This guy really is the king of filmmaking comedy.

But could there be any sequels in the works for this films? Paul Feig joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show in studio this morning when we asked him about it.

“With the movies that you’ve done, are you looking at doing a part two of any of them?” Jackie asked on air this morning. “Like I heard Ghostbusters was a possibility?”

Paul was the director for the remake of Ghostbusters that gave the main cast a female makeover, but sadly he told us that this one wasn’t on the cards just yet.

“I don’t think the studio has any appetite to do it but I would love to do it,” Paul told us. “We had a a lot of fun making that.”

What about the classic film Bridesmaids that really gave Melissa McCarthy the megastar name that she has today?


“Bridesmaids, like Beau was asking,” Jackie mentioned, referencing Beau Ryan who was filling in on the show today.

“Bridesmaids there has to be Bridesmaids. You have to make another Bridesmaids,” Beau reiterated.

“Well I know, but that’s really up to Kristen,” Paul told us, in reference to Kristin Wiig who wrote and of course starred in the film.

“That was her baby.”

As for what is more likely to see a sequel, Paul told us that Spy was set up for another film and that a script had actually been written for The Heat starring Melissa McCarthy once again and Sandra Bullock.

“I’d like to do another Spy, I think that would be really fun,” Paul told us. “I think that one’s set up for a sequel.”


“There is a script for The Heat two, but Sandra hasn’t even read it she just doesn’t want to do another sequel but it’s really funny,” he added.

“It was very dark. It was like a comedian version of Silence of the Lambs. SO it got very. very scary and gross but really kind of hilarious.”

Okay so two things we can take from this chat:

1. Someone needs to get Kristen Wiig on the phone and get her to agree to a Bridesmaids Two

2. Can someone else please convince Sandra Bullock to do The Heat sequel? The damn thing’s been written already!

Hear more from our chat with Paul Feig in the video above!

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