The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have only just happened over the weekend but the rumour mill is already buzzing with talk about when the newlywed couple will start a family!

And while with any other couple who have only just tied the knot, talk about popping out babies might sound a bit premature, but for a couple that the whole world is literally in love with like the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex it’s only natural that people are already curious!

And so this morning when Kyle and Jackie O spoke with Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler and our personal Royal insider, they decided to ask his professional opinion on the matter.

“Do you think they’re under any pressure now, Meghan and Harry, to start producing?”, asked Jackie.

“Yes,” replied Paul bluntly. “Enormous pressure! You see Harry wants babies, they want a family, he’s always wanted a family. I’m not putting the pressure on Meghan but you know girl, you’re 36-years-old now. You’ve got to get started if you want four babies.”


But it kinda does sound like Paul is putting the pressure on Meghan when he gives us his prediction on when he thinks the happy couple will start having babies.

“I think it will be very soon,” continued Paul. “I think there will be an announcement before Christmas.”

When do you think we will start seeing some more royal babies?

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