Despite being happily married to his wife for a number of years, Panic! At The Disco’s front man Brendon Urie recently came out to make a pretty big announcement about his sexuality.

Back at the beginning of July, Urie was doing an interview with PAPER Magazine when he casually announced that he identifies as pansexual, meaning he feels connections towards people despite their gender.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, they were a little bit confused by the term and wanted to ask him what that truly meant, and more specifically what something like this means for his marriage.

Kyle explained that we here at KIIS have always been big supporters of the LGBTQI community having campaigned for the ‘Yes’ vote on marriage equality in Australia and even creatied our own float for the Mardi Gras parade this year, but he had never heard of the term pansexual before and wanted clarification.

“I read that you class yourself as pansexual, I don’t even know what that meant,” said Kyle. “Would you like to explain what that is?”

Brendon explained that he is happily married but if for some reason he found himself to be single in the future he wouldn’t be picking a partner based on their gender and would be open to anything based on the attraction that he feels.


“I hate a label but for the last like four maybe five years I’ve been saying the same thing over and over because like it really doesn’t matter to me, he said.

“I am married happily to my wife, we’ve been married for a while and I don’t really want to be with anybody else but if worst came to worst and she just up and leaves me at any point then yeah it wouldn’t matter to me you know I just think a person is good. If a person is good I’m into that person, guy, girl, trans, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“That’s a great way to think!” responded Kyle.

The Panic! At The Disco lead singer has been married to Sarah Orzechwski for five years now but has previously identified as both straight and sexually fluid. This is the first time that the singer has put a more inclusive label on his sexuality.

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