An airline passenger has been left feeling sick to his stomach after discovering a dead cockroach in his ‘vegetarian’ on-board meal. 

Rahul Raghuvanshi was flying with Air India to Chicago when he made the foul discovery. 

Rahul took to social media to share his disgust, saying “@airindiain now serves cockroach for vegetarian meals on AI127” using the hashtags #sicktomystomach, #traumatised and #cockroachinfood. 

Rahul reportedly tucked into his in-flight meal, then found the dead cockroach when he had nearly finished his whole meal. Being a vegetarian, the incident has added injury to insult.

Air India swiftly responded to Rahul’s tweet with the following statement:


According to The Herald Sun, Air India’s senior manager for corporate communications Dhananjay Kumar has said “Air India took serious note of the incident and issued notice to the caterer concerned immediately.

Main Image: Twitter Rahul Raghuvanshi / @BostonNewsHound 

Source: Herald Sun

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