There’s no worse feeling than walking back to your car after a long day only to notice a nasty little fine tucked under your windscreen wipers.

But thanks to a new rule, it just became a little bit harder for parking rangers to hand out the pesky notices.

Starting today, motorists in NSW will be granted a 10 minute grace period on their parking ticket, meaning that they have ten minutes from the moment their paid parking ticket expires to return to their vehicle before being fined.

There are a few conditions though. The paid ticket must be for at least one hour in length and the rule doesn’t apply in private car parks or metres that don’t issue a ticket.

The grace period also doesn’t apply to parking in areas such as bus lanes, clearways, transit lanes, mail zones or special event parking.

This change comes as the NSW government attempts to make parking fines fairer and less harsh on motorists.

According to NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, the government is attempting to make “common sense” changes without impacting road safety.


“People shouldn’t have their day ruined or their weekly budget compromised for a slight delay in returning to their car when they’ve shown intent to do the right thing.”

The move is also expected to give parking inspectors “an opportunity to show some leniency when issuing fines”.

The grace period comes into affect on Thursday 31st January so keep that in mind if you’re running late to move your car today!

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