Paris Hilton is ready to conquer her next terrain.

She’s an influencer, ex-reality star, DJ, documentary maker, activist, entrepreneur and now she wants to enter the podcast game.

While podcasts are now a very saturated market, the people want what they want.

Hilton plans to launch her podcast on iHeartRadio and is calling it ‘This is Paris’, parallel to the name of her documentary she released late 2020.

The heiress stated, “I’ve always been an innovator and first-mover when it comes to reality TV, social, DJing, and now I really believe that voice and audio is the next frontier.”


‘This is Paris’ will debut on the 22nd February, with ‘snackable’ short episodes mimicking social media posts throughout the week and one long podcast once a week!

Hilton will be mixing in personal content alongside interviews with celebrities, family and friends.

iHeartPodcast Network President Conal Byrne stated ‘Paris is one of the original innovators in what has come to be called “influencer content,” and has genuinely new, edgy ideas on how to bring that style and perspective to the podcast medium…”

“This is going to be a different kind of podcast – the next evolution of both social media and podcasting, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with her on it.”

I wonder what she plans to do differently from the thousands of other podcasts out in the world right now, but I’m excited to find out!


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