At the moment the big news surrounding Paris Hilton is the fact that she’s mysteriously called off her engagement to Chris Zylka after being engaged for 11 months.

But it seems that the reality tv star turned business woman isn’t focusing too much on her heartbreak and is instead putting all of her energy into building up her business empire.

This morning Paris was speaking to Kyle and Jackie O about the launch of her new fragrance, Platinum Rush, which is the 24 perfume in her collection when she also made mention of another project that she’s undertaking.

The 37-year-old told us that she considers herself to be a “pioneer” and to prove as such she plans on bringing a new aspect to the world of social media. A virtual reality program!

Paris Hilton tells kyle and jackie o about her new virtual reality social media program


It all came about when Paris was discussing her appearance in an upcoming Netflix documentary about social media, The American Meme.

“It’s coming out on Netflix…and it’s basically a film that really dives into social media and how it’s just completely changed society as a whole,” she explained.

“They wanted me a part of it because they say that I’m the OG of social media…I love being a pioneer and always ahead of my time and innovative, a trend-setter and just really paving the way for so many people.”

And well, this next project certainly is all of those things! Paris went on to reveal that the next thing she’s working on is a virtual reality program that she believes will become the next social media.


“Right now I’m actually working on an amazing project with my partners in Berlin and I’ve created an entire virtual reality world which is basically going to be the new social media,” continued Paris.

“So people can be in their living room as an avatar of themselves or whatever kind of character they want to be and get to meet and party with people all around the world just by a VR headset.”

So instead of just chatting with people via social media, you’ll be able to virtually hang out and do activities like go to a bar or go shopping.

“The technology is so next level it’s really going to blow people’s minds,” explained Paris. “It looks so real that you actually feel like you’re there.”

Kyle thought that the only downside was that you couldn’t sleep with people on the program. But Paris made him feel better by saying that maybe they could add that in in an update one day.

“Can you have sex on this platform?” he asked.


“I don’t know I haven’t really thought about that part! More about partying, shopping, hanging out. I’m sure they’ll add that in one day,” laughed Paris.

As for when this program is going to be released to the public, Paris confirmed that it will be available from next year!

“This will be coming out some time next year, so they’ll be doing it starting next year. It’s exciting.”

Kyle said he’s going to sign up as soon as this VR program comes out! Which for someone who currently has NO social media accounts means he must be SUPER keen to try this one out!

Who knows, maybe Paris will be the next Zuckerberg (without all the privacy scandals…)!