The Wollongong parents of a nine-month-old baby girl born with a limb deficiency have spoken of the lengths they’re willing to go to to save their daughter’s leg.

Sophia Jans was born with a rare limb deficiency called Fibula Hemimelia, meaning that she is missing a fibula bone in her leg. She also has a club foot.

The baby’s only option in Australia is amputation – but her parents have found a doctor in the United States who can reconstruct her leg with surgery, at a hefty price of $250,000.

Sophia’s parents, Christian and Carley Jans, have set up an online donations page to help them raise the funds to save their daughter’s leg, and have so far seen almost $13,000 in donations.

Mrs Jans told the Daily Mail that Sophia, who is one of four kids in the family, is their “miracle baby”, as she was born after the couple was told they could never have children again.

The parents have to sell their home to be able to fly over to Florida to see Dr Dror Paley, who can perform the expensive operation. 


Sophia has to wait until she is 18 months old to undergo the operation, so there’s plenty of time for the people of Australia – and abroad – to come together and help the family raise the money.

The Jans family hopes to be able to raise awareness of Sophia’s condition, as well as push for similar treatments to be available in Australia – where there are only two other known cases of the condition.

“I know it’s a rare condition,” Mrs Jans said, “but if there’s treatment options available overseas it should be available here in Australia too. It’s just not fair.”

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