This morning we met Jonathan and Rachael, the beautiful parents of Mackenzie, a baby girl who was born healthy in March, and at 10 weeks old was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type one.

Babies diagnosed with the disease rarely make it to their first birthday, as they slowly loose muscle, movement, the ability to feed, to swallow and finally to breath.

Tragically after getting a cold, beautiful Mackenzie went to sleep forever at 7 months and 11 days old. Her family took every opportunity to enjoy every second of her life with her, leaving work upon learning her diagnosis and travelling with their little girl, savouring every sweet moment and beautiful smile.

Their mission is to spread awareness about genetic testing that can recognise SMA.

It’s one of the biggest killers of infants aged just weeks old, to two years – and the test if you’re carrying it, involves just a simple saliva or blood test, but it’s not a mandatory. In fact, none of us know much about it at all, despite how tragic and common it is.

Jonathan and Rachael thought they were coming into the office this morning to share their story and raise awareness, but they had a much bigger surprise awaiting them.

With the help of our good friends at Genea, we were able to surprise them with $30,000 worth of treatments and consultations to use throughout their IVF journey.


With over 31 years experience in the field, we know Genea are the most qualified people to help Jonathan and Rachael on their journey to falling pregnant, as they’re involving genetic testing in each treatment Rachael has; a must-have considering what happened to beautiful Mackenzie – and an addition that costs around $5,000 extra during each round of IVF they need to go through.

Their reaction was incredible, and the prize couldn’t have gone to a more incredible couple. We wish them the best of luck during their journey and will never forget the difference little Mackenzie’s life has made.

Thanks to Genea, the only ones to call for fertility treatment.

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