Baywatch star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson is currently in Australia for two reasons.

Not only is she currently shooting a new commercial for Ultra Tune up in Queensland, but she’s also here to try and get our Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s help in getting Australian man, Julian Assange, released from prison.

Julian Assange, known for being the founder of WikiLeaks which famously published a series of leaks provided by U.S Army Intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, has been romantically linked to Pamela recently.

While Assange avoided prison and extradition to the US at first after the WikiLeaks scandal as he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy for almost seven years, he has since been arrested to see a sentence of 50 weeks in Belmarsh Prison in London.

Pamela has been passionate about getting Assange released ever since and has now decided to come to Australia to speak with Scott Morrison about getting him to help.


She joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show exclusively this morning to tell us how this quest is going and whether she has had any communication with the PM.

“I heard you’re here to talk to our Prime Minister,” said Kyle this morning.

“Yes, yes. Well I’ve tried,” Pamela replied.

If anyone knows how she feels, it’s Kyle. We’ve tried time and time again to get ScoMo on the show but so far, no luck.

“Oh he won’t take your calls either? He won’t come on our show either,” Kyle said.

But Pamela revealed that she has managed to have some form of communication with ScoMo, revealing that he did send her a letter in response to her requests to help free Julian Assange.


“He’s actually written me back. He has responded to me,” Pamela revealed. “Just disappointingly.”

She told us that the Prime Minster has no interest in assisting with Assange’s freedom.

“What happened? Where are we at with the whole Julian Assange thing?” Kyle asked.

“I mean, Julian’s in prison and Australia needs to step up and help him,” Pamela explained. “And he [ScoMo] can definitely be the one to help him but you know, he kind of says he can’t.

“Which is not true. Australia’s done it before. It’s disappointing but not unexpected.”

Pamela isn’t giving up though or letting this dishearten her mission. She told us that other Australians can help if they wish by signing a petition.


“You’ve got to sign these petitions. All the Australian citizens need to get their Australian citizen back here,” she explained.

Kyle said that he would try and get ScoMo on the phone for Pamela, but he told her not to get her hopes up, explaining the reason why the PM refuses to take our calls.

“I won’t get the Prime Minister on. He won’t take my calls because I told everyone he shat himself at McDonald’s when his football team didn’t win,” Kyle told Pamela.

Any excuse to bring up that story, right Kyle?

Hear more from our chat with Pamela Anderson in the podcast below!