This morning Kyle and Jackie O had Paloma Faith on air to discuss her new single ‘Lullaby’ which is out now and her upcoming album ‘The Architect’.

But in true Kyle and Jackie O fashion, the conversation quickly swayed from the music and onto more personal things. But we don’t think Kyle and Jackie expected Paloma to be as brutally honest as she was, especially when it came to talking about child birth!

Kyle and Jackie were congratulating Paloma on having her baby but her response just gives proof to why we love her so damn much.

“It’s the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me,” revealed Paloma. Have you ever heard a more honest answer leave a parents lips?

Of course child birth is a miracle and Paloma loved the experience of becoming a mother, but she explains that it was the worst experience because she wasn’t really prepared for how difficult it would be.

“Nobody really tells you that you’re just basically looking at this worm,” said Paloma. “You see all these pictures of like babies gazing beautifully up at their mothers eyes whilst breast feeding, and you’re like ‘nope this person’s just looking through me’”.

And at that moment, Kyle and Jackie, and probably everyone listening at home lost it in fits of laughter. Gosh we love her!


Hear the rest of Paloma’s hilarious experience with child birth, including how it affected her relationship with her partner, in the video above.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Paloma Faith.

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