Carey Hart has had a run-in with a local woman at a Brisbane petrol station after he was spotted using his mobile phone while filling up his car. 

The motocross star uploaded an Instagram post of himself mouthing “What the f***,” accompanied by a caption describing the moment a woman approached him at the petrol pump.

“[I] just got into an argument with a woman at a gas station in Brisbane. She told me that I was putting everyone’s life in danger my using my phone at the gas pump,” Hart wrote. “That if I had the light turned on, accidentally dropped it, the phone would light the fumes, the station would blow up, and kill all of us.”

“What the hell is wrong with people?????? You got some serious scare tactics over here lol,” he ended with. 

The Instagram post has fans divided, with some backing the woman. 


“In the UK petrol stations won’t unlock the pump if you’re using your phone,” a fan commented. “It’s normal here to not use your phone while filling up.”

Others simply laughed off the threat that the potentially harmful EMFs emitted by your phone can ignite fumes as an urban myth. 

According to BP Australia, “If you drop your mobile phone, a spark can be produced when the batteries are knocked loose. This could be hazardous because of the flammable vapours produced by petrol products,”

“If you need to make a call most service stations have a public pay phone.”

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