This morning Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with Dennis Hof, ownder of the LOve Ranch in Nevada after Lamar Odom was found unconscious at the Nevada Brothel he owns.

He explained to the guys that Lamar was there to ‘relax and have a good time.”

Jackie then asked him if Khloe had been in touch with him since news of Lamar’s condition came to light.

“Her public relations people called me and asked if I was going to be speaking to any media”, he said.

“I said ‘I’m going to do this Australian radio show’ and they said, ‘we’d rather you didn’t and let Khloe do it.’ I said ‘why don’t you tell Khloe to go to hell?! I know what happened and you’re not going to stifle my freedom of speech. I don’t care about the Kardashians or their big butts!”

“That’s the thing, because we don’t really know what the relationship was like between the Kardashians and Lamar. We only get to see on the TV show that they feel helpless with Lamar’s situation, but you know him probably quite well I imagine, what did you make of that relationship?” Jackie said.


“He’s just a fun guy who wanted to have a good time, from what we understood the relationship was over. They haven’t been together for a while now, she’s dating someone else, so I told her publicist, ‘if they’re that close and wanted her to do the talking, he’d be sleeping with her, instead of sleeping with my girls.'”

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