Osher Gunsberg is officially a father after his wife Audrey gave birth to their first son together at the end of August.

In a post to Instagram announcing the birth, Osher not only announced the name of their son, Wolfgang (or Wolfie for short) but he also added a beautiful message for his wife, speaking about just how incredible women are for what they put their body through during birth.

And well, that long paragraph makes a whole lot of sense right now after Osher told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that Audrey actually went through close to two weeks of contractions!

Up until now we didn’t actually know that this was even possible, but now that we do we are SHOOK! Like seriously, OUCH!

Osher explained that Audrey first started feeling the contractions during the filming of The Masked Singer finale and they actually thought that she was about to go into labour. But they had no idea just how long the road ahead of them remained!


“I call her and I’m like, ‘Are you having contractions?’ and she goes, ‘Yes. They’re seven minutes apart’,” Osher revealed to us this morning.

Osher went on to explain how he was in such awe at Audrey’s strength throughout the birth. Especially seeing as it lasted so long!

“I get why so many women are afraid of men now,” Osher continued. “Once you’ve witnessed a woman, once you’ve seen the divine maternal power unleashed, once you’ve seen the physical thing that a woman does when she brings a life into this world, no wonder men are terrified.”

“You need oxytocin, the woman has to feel safe, calm and private if she wants to be able to give birth… but adrenaline shuts that off,” Osher continued to explain.


“We actually, we got to the hospital and a few things went on and then some adrenaline spiked up and then all the contractions slowed down again and so we had to go back home again and she had 10 days of contractions seven minutes apart.”

Kyle and Jackie were just as shocked as we were!

“10 days! I didn’t know it could go on that long,” Kyle exclaimed.

“Well we didn’t either!” Osher replied. “The whole thing is like, oh you go into contractions and then when they’re four minutes apart in you go and boom, baby. They don’t say, oh no no, it can go on for days and days and days. Which it did.”

Well there’s something fun we have to look forward to with child birth…

Hear more from our chat with Osher Gunsberg in the video above!