You may have noticed during the finale Thursday last week that there was a significant lack of Osher in the episode.

Where was he? Normally Günsberg features heavily in the last episode and he talks the contestants through their (trauma) and tells The Bachelor or The Bachelorette he’s proud of them, but this time? nada.

Revealing on his own Cocktails and Roses podcast co-hosted with Alisha Aitken-Radburn, he said he filmed all the usual interviews but they were cut because of ‘editorial’ reasons.

The ‘flow’ of the episode felt interrupted with Osher popping up and giving pep talks- which is understandable if you remember that Locky spent 50% of the episode bawling his eyes out over the decision he had to make.

Osher stated that the breakdown was completely unplanned but it built the tension needed for the final scenes without his help.

“I was there. I was absolutely there. and I did all of the chats. I did all of the proud dad stuff. I did the [interviews] when the girls got out of the car, I did all that.”

“I did the chat with Locky. I gave him that ‘come on, mate, this is it’ I have them all the pep talks and all that kind of stuff.”


“However, the way that it happened with Locky’s interview and the way he was so intensely emotional in that interview – which was, I think, the morning of [the finale]… cutting straight to the girls was the right editorial decision…. otherwise, the energy would have been gone.”

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