Ahh, botched tattoos. You go through all that pain to find out the tattoo artist has slipped up, or maybe you’ve given them the wrong information. Either way, the design is stuck on you, and there is no turning back.

You might think you would have to pull out much more money from your wallet to avoid the situation, but it turns out it happens to the best of us, and actor Orlando Bloom is a perfect example.

Bloom booked in to see his tattoo artist to pay tribute to his son, Flynn, by getting his name written in morse code on his forearm. Very cool.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go to plan. The code is missing a single dot and it actually says ‘Frynn’!

Luckily it’s a very quick fix and Bloom is able to laugh it off, but until then, we can definitely admire the aesthetic of the tatt!


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