This popular Oporto store in Sydney has ‘Just Got To Go’ after a video posted to Facebook exposed a disgusting rat infestation.

Facebook user Vijay Kumar uploaded the one minute long video late last week taken at the Broadway store in Sydney’s CBD, showing rats scurrying across the floor of the fast food chain.

“This one goes out to all the Oporto lovers out there,” Mr Kumar captioned the footage.

“Think zillion times before you walk again into this place (sic).”

Lovers of the chicken burger franchise have been left horrified by the stomach churning footage and the video, which has since seen more than 13,000 views, started receiving numerous comments from worried customers.

“Gross! Where is the health department?” wrote one Facebook user.


“Nasty,” said another.

A spokesperson for Oporto has since told Yahoo7 that the Broadway store was immediately closed down after they became aware of the video.

“We were made aware of the Broadway Oporto video on the morning of Thursday 17 January and the store was immediately closed,” said the spokeswoman from the parent company of Oporto, Craveable Brands.

“Vermin appear to have been dislocated by external construction activity in the Broadway area, which can lead to increased activity for surrounding businesses.

“Vermin appear to have accessed the Broadway restaurant via a ventilation hole, or other access points from outside.

“The store has undergone a full decontamination and industrial cleaning process to ensure all surfaces are hygienic and safe.”


The spokesperson continued to say that the entire area will be assessed by officers from the City of Sydney Environmental Health, Food Safety Division.

“The store will remain closed, and clean, until both Oporto and health inspectors are satisfied that vermin cannot re-enter the Broadway store from outside,” the spokeswoman said.

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