You never really know what’s going to happen when we put an Only Lying to air, but pairing up an overprotective father with a lie from his misbehaving son we knew that it was likely to generate some radio GOLD! And boy were we right!

Tony was the one who called the Kyle and Jackie O team and pitched his idea. He told us that he’d been suffering from some liver issues and as a result his dad his making him promise not to have a single sip of alcohol until at least Christmas.

And while yes, this is just Tony’s dad looking out for his son’s health, Tony saw it as an opportunity to have some fun, seeing as he wouldn’t be having any fun with some drinks anytime soon.

Tony decided to call up his dad and tell him that he was in the hospital after going on a bender with the boys last night. And it’s safe to say that his poor, unsuspecting father absolutely LOST it!

In fact, we don’t reckon our own dad would EVER have used so many swear words! Take a listen to the hilarious prank call in the video above.

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