Not everyone is guaranteed to turn into a full on bridezilla when they’re getting married but it’s no doubt that planning a wedding is hella stressful.

And so you can understand that when one thing goes wrong, a bride is likely to lose their mind just a little. But thankfully brides have their maid of honours by their side in order to help make sure everything’s organised and to help take off that little bit of stress.

Well that is unless the one thing that goes wrong is that the maid of honour quits…

One of our listeners Amanda decided to play an Only Lying prank call on her sister, telling her that she is quitting as her maid of honour.

“I’m just not interested,” she told her sister, who was left absolutely FUMING on the other end of the phone.

“I’m shaking with anger,” spat back her sister Rachael. “You absolute piece of shit!”

Even though it was all a joke, we wonder whether Rachael will actually still want Amanda to be her maid of honour after this!


Listen to the whole Only Lying in the video above!

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